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Arnesen Home & Design is a locally owned; San
Francisco area based General Contractor. AHD’s
mission is to be a General Contractor, who listens to
their customer’s needs, offers competitive & fair
pricing, on time scheduling and completing jobs to
their client’s satisfaction.

With over 25 years of experience in the construction
industry, Roy W. Arnesen recognizes the needs of
you, the client. First you will meet with us to discuss
your needs and what you are trying to accomplish.
Then, after a two to three week time frame, we will
provide a free “preliminary estimate”. If we are within
your budget, we will have our plumber and/or
electrician give us some firm estimates. From there
we will provide you with a firm estimate with cost
breakdowns as well as an estimated time frame

At AHD we can serve our customers from the
planning & design stages through the construction
process. We are committed to customer satisfaction
and our motto is ”To build it right the first time!”

Mr. Arnesen comes from a diverse background. His
Norwegian parents immigrated to the United States,
back in the 1940’s. Later, they went to Japan as
missionaries and worked there from 1954 – 2003. So
needless to say Roy grew up in Japan, speaks the
language fluently and understands the Asian culture.