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What does your “firm estimate” consist of?

Our firm estimate will have a breakdown of the
phases of construction, with their dollar amounts.
This accomplishes two purposes. It serves as a
costs breakdown format as well as a format for
billing. We will be billing you according to what
percentage we have completed of the certain
phase. We bill every two weeks, of that which has
been completed. Along with the breakdown we will
provide a “proposed schedule” of the job. This
schedule helps us to break down the time required
to accomplish each phase.  It also
helps you the client [see where we are, at all times]
and it helps us to schedule ahead of time, the
needed fixtures, cabinets, appliances, etc. Some of
these items require a long “lead time” so you need
to know when your deadlines are, so that you can
have them available when you need them.
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